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Cog Gears
Cog wheel and rack on display at Marshfield Base Station museum
What is a Cog?
cog 1 (kg, kôg)
n. 1. One of a series of teeth, as on the rim of a wheel or gear, whose engagement transmits successive motive force to a corresponding wheel or gear.

A deep-rooted history of invention and fabrication has always been one of the Mount Washington Cog Railway's most intriguing attributes. The Cog has managed to stay in private ownership and in operation consistently for over 144 years. It has adapted to and overcome adverse opinion, the Great Depression, the Hurricane of '38, and the challenge of technology to become one of New Hampshire's most successful historical attractions.

Designated as a National Historic Engineering Landmark in 1976, The Cog was referred to as "One of the greatest wonders of all time" by the Boston Transcript at its inauguration in 1868. It can certainly be argued that this is still true to this day.

The advent of biodiesel continues that tradition of innovation and improvement that has characterized the Cog Railway since 1869. From being the first mountain climbing cog railway in the world to the solar-powered track switches to the advanced Parker IQAN on-board computer package, The Cog continues to be a leader in cutting edge technology.

The Cog featured on Motorweek Clean CitiesIn Tech News, The Cog has recently been featured on Motorweek Clean Cities!
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Cog Railway Moves Steam Train #8The Cog moved locomotive #8, Moosilauke, to its new home in Twin Mountain, NH at the intersections of Route 3 and Route 302 by crane and flatbed truck. Video on Youtube

Cog Railway Ingenuity: The great engineering feats of the Cog
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The Cog has been cleaning up its tracks thanks to a new invention of a crane coach.
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John Deere Power SystemsThe Cog Railway's first biodiesel engine was featured in the John Deere Power Systems Publication, "Power Source" in 2008.
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Trains Magazine Article: A New Moon over New HampshireTrains Magazine Article: A New Moon over New Hampshire
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Al LapradeFrom the shipyard to the railyard, meet Al Laprade

Cog RW Technology

The Building of Biodiesel M5 in the Cog Machine Shop

M5 frame and chassis Birds-eye view of M5 The larger cog driving gear and the smaller cog braking gear. One end of the biodiesels truck assembly The addition of the top frame to the chassis. Welding fittings for the hydraulic tank. John Deere Powertech 6125H engine IQUAN onboard monitoring package Front of M5 'Engineer' side of locomotive, which will located in front of the engineers cab. Air brakes Rob Maclay works on the valve block for the top of the motor.

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