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Mount Washington Cog Railway 2010 Season News

Celebrating its 141st season this year, the Mount Washington Cog Railway is your destination for one of the Granite State's most thrilling train rides, taking passengers to the top of the highest peak in all the Northeast.

Whether you come for your first ride, or making an annual visit, this season is packed with new ways to enjoy The Cog.

For the true Cog aficionado, there's the Cogger Club. For a membership of $149, you can ride The Cog to your heart's content, all the way to December 2011. As a member of the Cogger Club, one of those rides will be in the cab of a biodiesel locomotive, and benefits include special discounts, so you can bring along your friends and family.

Have you ever wanted to get behind the scenes at The Cog? Or watch a mountain sunset from the last train of the day? How about making the trip to the summit and back with a historian to talk about the lore and legends of The Cog?

This summer, a series of special events will feature unique experiences, from a behind-the-scenes look at the shop, to a tour of the Mount Washington Observatory and even a ride down the mountain at sunset.

With all the fun you'll have this summer at The Cog, be sure to bring your video camera and share your clips with us. Your inner filmmaker could win our contest! Be there when the conductor calls out, "All Aboard!"

New Cog RW Diesel Engine Ascending Jacob's Ladder

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