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Mount Washington Cog Railway: Climbing to the Clouds DVD is now Available

Inspired by the grandeur of Mount Washington and the desire for people to see the are-inspiring beauty of the highest peak in the Northeast, Sylvester Marsh's vision to build the first mountain-climbing cog railway in the world became a reality in 1866.

Mount Washington Cog Railway: Climbing to the Clouds DVD

Now, more than 145 years after the "Railway to the Moon" (as it once was called) began operating, this documentary explores the history of the iconic Mt. Washington Cog Railway, from its founding visionary Sylvester Marsh to its current operations, to the dramatic times that have tested this engineering marvel.

NHPTV premieres "Climbing to Clouds on Cog" →

Marsh, through ingenuity and inventiveness created the world's first cog railway that could climb miles and miles of elevation, fighting gravity and inertia. On July 3, 1869, "Old Peppersass" became the world's first cog-driven train to climb the 6,288-foot Mt. Washington. Today, modern biodiesel engines climb the mountain along with a steam engine, continuing to offer "Coggers" a unique and thrilling experience.

Mount Washington Cog Railway: Climbing to the Clouds is the story of years of adversity, persistence, and success. Climb aboard and enjoy the ride!

This engaging documentary was produced by New Hampshire Public Broadcasting & The Mount Washington Cog Railway with Dawn DeAngelis as executive producer. And interestingly enough, the documentary's producer and videographer, Steve Giordani, was once a Cog Railway engineer too himself. It was written by Paul Lally with the design and animations done by Schuyler Scribner.

The full documentary runs 37 minutes, with over half an hour of additional bonus footage tracks including a time-lapse video of a ride on the Cog, a re-creation of a ride on the Cog during Victorian Times, a 1929 film of the original Peppersass engine, a slideshow of old-timers riding the Devil's Shingle, and interviews on the technology and workings of the cog as well as about the inventor himself. The full program with extra bonus footage runs approximately 75 minutes.

Mount Washington Cog Railway: Climbing to the Clouds premiered on May 22, 2015 at 8 PM on NHPTV PRIME. For additional airdates on PRIME & EXPLORE and online, go to Purchases of the DVD are available exclusively at the Cog Railway Gift Shop.

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